The Hypocrisy of Protesting Christmas


The Christmas season is in the air once again. Not only is the Christmas season in the air, so are those who oppose Christmas and all of its trimmings. Their complaint: the freedom of those who openly promote Christmas imposes upon their personal freedoms. In order to protect their freedom, they impose upon the freedom of others. […]



Tracking Devices for Students – A Biblical, Personal, or Financial Issue?


The San Antonio school district is in the news for its latest tactic whose purpose is to increase revenues. Making noise about the issue are two unlikely entities – the ACLU and a Christian family whose daughter is in question. A Biblical issue? Not at the present, but a potential precursor to the Biblical future. A personal […]



Do We Ignore God’s Authority and Blindly Submit to Human Authority?


There are Christians blowing the trumpet declaration that God performed His will in the 2012 election, therefore we must submit to the authorities whom God has placed over us. This is like saying the Christians in Smyrna should have burned their incense and said, “Hail to Caesar.” Our obedience and allegiance to human authority should never trump […]



Are Christians To Honor Ungodly Directives?


Many pastors and Christians are apolitical, even to the point of refusing to address specific moral issues such as homosexuality, abortion, war, extremist Islam and any number of other issues. Why has this happened? We have been duped into believing that once the government addresses a moral issue, it is no longer a matter of Biblical truth, […]



Real Hope and Real Change Is On the Way


We had an awesome time of prayer with a few friends last night. While we spoke clearly about our families, our church and our nation – we were not dismayed. Instead we prayed with confidence and hope to the Holy One from Israel. We understand the presidential election is behind us and the vote is final. It […]



But Then Again……


We need to ask ourselves a really good question, “Do we hold onto tradition because it is familiar to us, or because what we do is most effective in our mission to raise up a new generation within the church?” What if we were to pose the same question to the younger generation, asking them about us? […]



When Tradition Gets in the Way of Purpose


I remember sitting in a business meeting in a particular Baptist church where the bulk of the meeting was a discussion on whether to move the coffee pot/dessert area to another location in the Fellowship Hall. There were two sides to the discussion: 1) those who said the coffee pot/ dessert area has always been where it […]



National Battle or Spiritual War?


Traditionally, Bible scholars and prophecy buffs have interpreted the Book of Revelation in light of enemies such as China and Russia. Statistics have been formed to show the magnitude of these armies, analysis has been written to explain their strategies, and maps have been drawn to show the paths down which they will march. I am not […]



In The End, The Church Wins


Without a doubt, we live in a world filled with chaos and confusion that affects us on a personal, national and international level. Due to the fact the news media skews the truth to fit their opinions and agendas; it is very difficult to separate fact from fiction. This has led people who live on the edge […]



Does Our Theology Define Us?


There was a time when I would have answered this question with an emphatic “yes”! However, this is a different time and my answer is a less emphatic “no”. Please allow me to explain why my answer has changed over time. When we use the word “define”, we are using it in the context of how other […]