Is the Lesser of Two Evils the Worst Possible Evil in 2012 Election?


A recent cartoon used the analogy of the choice between “cancer and aids” to describe voting for “Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney”. The idea of the cartoon is that it really doesn’t matter which disease we choose, the end result will be fatal. The conclusion is the only way not to become a fatality is to vote for neither Obama nor Romney.

Conservative bloggers and commenters have posted a myriad of reasons as to why they will not vote for Romney. Many say they will not vote for Romney because he is a Mormon. Some say it is because he planted the seed for Obamacare through his healthcare plan in Massachusetts. Others say it is because Romney took huge profits from Bain Capital.  Still others say it is because Romney is not Ron Paul. The problem with this whole scenario is the presence of idealism and the absence of realism. The reality is simple: there is no politically or personally perfect candidate for President.

There are many conservatives who have three reasons to vote for Romney. 1. He’s not Obama. 2. He’s not Obama. 3. He’s not Obama. These conservatives are not looking for the perfect candidate; they are looking to do what is best for our nation at the expense of their personal idealism.

 “I urge that entreaties , prayers, petitions, thanksgivings be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in his position, in order that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity” (1 Tim. 2:1-2). What is a national leader to do? He is to lead the nation in such a way as to create a peaceful society and enforce the law in a manner that protects godliness and dignity. Is this not what the early founders of our nation did? Was this not what the Constitution was written to protect? Is this what Obama or Romney are working toward? That is the real issue at hand!

For those who would abstain from voting for Romney because he is less than the perfect candidate, are you really willing to risk our nation to four more years of continuing on its current path? And yes, Romney cannot bring spiritual renewal and healing to America. The President is not called to bring spiritual renewal and healing to America; that is the responsibility of the church. For the church to bring spiritual renewal and healing to America, it must have the freedom to continue its mission unhindered by the government. We must ask, “which candidate will best allow the church to be the church without hindrance from the government?”

There is a common line of thought shared by practically all conservatives that America is headed for certain destruction if it does not change its course. Are we willing to take the risk of making a “politically perfectionist” statement by not voting and potentially leaving the current course of America intact? Is it Biblical wisdom to “just stand for Christ and let everything blow up”? This is not how Biblical wisdom works. There are times when we are required to make wise decisions in the midst of less than perfect choices. We must be careful not to act as fools in the name of faith.

Does this line of thinking lead to compromise? No! Doing nothing leads to compromise. It may even lead to compromise the very heart, fiber and freedoms of our nation. While Romney MAY fail in leading our nation back to greatness, freedom and prosperity; Obama HAS failed. Refusing to vote because we do not have a perfect candidate is in so many words, “giving up on our nation and its future.” No one has ever advanced in any arena of life by giving up. No red-blooded American who loves his country, waves his flag and carries his Bible gives up. Instead, he goes to work with the resources that he has at his disposal.

Which candidate best provides the potential for peace, prosperity, freedom and godly values?  While some are committed to supporting candidates who are more ideal in their minds than Obama and Romney, there is a realistic question that must be asked: “Is someone who has absolutely no chance of winning realistically a perfect candidate?”

Please blink several times before abandoning this question.

Yours for a future and a hope,

Mitch Odom



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