Great Leader-Poor Father


Have you given much thought to King David – the man of whom God said, “He is after My heart”? David was a great king, but he was a very poor husband and father. Instead of going against the culture of the Ancient Near East which allowed numerous wives, David slid into the culture. David, the greatest king in Israel had 8 wives with which he had 19 sons and who knows how many daughters. We have no information on how many children he had with his concubines and next door neighbors.

David’s sexual addiction was passed on to the next generation in his son Solomon which ultimately led to his downfall. We do know that Solomon learned a few things about his behavior through his writings in the Song of Solomon which was devoted to a loving monogamous relationship.

We have some choices to make in our own lives. Choices like,  “will we slide along with the culture?” or “will we step up to the plate and go against the tide by being a good father to go along with being a great leader?”.

Mitch Odom


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