The Right, Left and Middle – Who Is Right?


It does not take an great intellect to see that what used to be “typical” America is rapidly becoming “extreme” America. Throughout our history, there have been shifts to the right and to the left. When America over extends to the extreme right, it will slowly shift back to the left and visa versa. Today, America is almost evenly split to the extreme right and the extreme left simultaneously with a small percentage of the people actually in the middle. This basically means if 45-50% of the people are for something, 45-50% of the people will also be against it with a small margin in the middle who have not made up their minds.

The media is responsible for much of this split. The media is no longer simply a news reporting agency; it has become the propagation agent of journalistic opinion. The media does not just report the news; it dictates what the American people believe by controlling the slant on the news. Frankly, many people in the media field are so immature or unstable that they see anyone who deviates even a little from their position as an extremist. In turn, this causes more extreme reactions on the other side. The end result is a divided American people in which common dialogue has become next to impossible.

Some people believe conservatives are righteous because they are not liberal. The fact is there are conservative atheists just as there are conservative Christians. Conservative atheists have intellect the same as conservative Christians and they see the economic and political mess that America along with the rest of the world finds itself in. There are also Christians who tend to the left because they see the anger and animosity displayed by some on the extreme right. Others are liberal because they have compassion for the poor, immigrants, gays, or single mothers, and they want to see the government provide for these people. Let’s be clear on something – it is not the responsibility of the government to do charity work with the money of other people, it is the responsibility of people to do charity work with their own money.

If the true liberal agenda is to help the sick, poor and ostracized, why is it that when liberal politicians release their tax records, it is rare to find one who has given more than 1-5% of their income? There are a few exceptions such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who are giving away almost their entire fortunes. It has been proven that conservatives are typically far more generous than liberals. Then, there are people who want to be generous, but they just want to do it with someone else’s money, not their own.

Our President has repeatedly made the statement that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. According to the polls, something like 30% of Americans agree with that. According to The Tax Foundation, 70% of Americans either pay no taxes or pay less in taxes than they get back in benefits from the government. At the same time, the top 5% of earners pay 50% of the income taxes collected. Is this fair?

Unfortunately a message is being sent that if you work hard in America, and do well, you are going to be penalized for it. This is the primary reason American businesses are moving their money and jobs to other countries.

On the other hand, while conservatives are complaining about government spending, especially in the area of social concerns – they may be blind to the everyday needs of many American people who are unfortunate in some form or fashion. One of the Biblical expectations of personal prosperity is the volunteer sharing of financial and personal blessings with those who are less fortunate.

Much of the split in our country and the problems in our government could be resolved if we returned to the Truth found in the person of Jesus Christ with a commitment to live out the principles of His Word. While this would not be good for “selling journalistic opinions on the news”, it would be great for the people of America.

Maybe, just maybe, there is too “much submit to my agenda” and too “little submit to God’s will and way.” It is impossible to say we are “submitted to God’s will and way”, yet find ourselves all on a different page.

Yours for further thought………thoughts the media is unwilling to entertain,

Mitch Odom



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