But Then Again……


We need to ask ourselves a really good question, “Do we hold onto tradition because it is familiar to us, or because what we do is most effective in our mission to raise up a new generation within the church?” What if we were to pose the same question to the younger generation, asking them about us? Would their answer be the same or would it be different from our answer?

If their answer is different than our answer and we insist on sticking to what is familiar to us, then we can be sure the church will become an unfamiliar place to them. Young people do not desire to be in an unfamiliar place any more than older people. I am not suggesting that we should start doing hip-hop in our worship services in order to make the church a familiar place young people will want to attend. In making such changes, we turn what was once familiar to a particular group of people into a place they no longer recognize. While one group applauds change, another group abhors the same change. The result is a tension that eventually leads to dissension – and finally to division.

The reality is both the older and younger generations tend to lose sight of the bigger picture; thinking in terms of defending ONLY their part of the picture. When we lose sight of the bigger picture, we may be putting tradition and personal preference over mission. There are certain things we all prefer over other things, but they may not be the most effective tool toward achieving our mission.

It is not always the older people who become entrenched in their traditions; the younger generations are just as capable of establishing traditions of their own. When we insist on our way or we will not play, could it be we have lost sight of loving our neighbor as ourselves?

Could it also be that it needs to be less about us and more about Him?


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