Real Hope and Real Change Is On the Way


We had an awesome time of prayer with a few friends last night. While we spoke clearly about our families, our church and our nation – we were not dismayed. Instead we prayed with confidence and hope to the Holy One from Israel.

We understand the presidential election is behind us and the vote is final. It is what it is. Therefore, we must not look back – we must set our eyes in forward motion.

As I have been saying over the last few weeks – there is no need to live in denial, America is a divided country. This is not a simple spiritual conclusion; it is a very real fact:
(The following numbers are approximates)
50% of the people lean conservative – 50% lean moderate/liberal.
50% of the people support abortion  – 50% are prolife.
50% of the people want more government – 50% want less government.
50% of the people support Obamacare – 50% oppose Obamacare.
50% of the people claim church affiliation – 50% do not.
We could go on and on with the 50% divide, but these are enough examples to make the point that America is almost evenly divided.

The younger the demographic is broken down, the more to the left our country leans. We are clearly heading down the road to moral, financial and spiritual bankruptcy – except for one factor. The plans and purposes of God will not be thwarted by the behavior of mere humans.

There are two things people are developing a disdain for – 1) responsibility and 2) accountability. Consequently anyone who may expect us to be responsible or require us to be accountable is disrespected and discredited. The general mindset is becoming one of “I will do whatever I want, however I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want.”

God has spent much of His time since creation working with a remnant to accomplish His purposes, to bring restoration, to provide healing, and to re-establish Kingdom principles. There is actually good news in the above statistics – approximately 50% of the people still believe in Biblical, moral, ethical, spiritual and family values.

Many people have already given up. They see no hope. They have no confidence. They are filled with fear. Many of these same people would call themselves followers of Christ. A true follower of Christ may have moments of despair, but they will not turn back.

We must not give up. We cannot afford to fall into depression. We cannot be overcome by frustration. Yes, there are plenty of pessimists who tell us we have no hope and no future. Our nation did not give us our hope and future, God is our hope and future. Our nation only gives us hope and a future to the extent it finds it hope and future in God. But our personal hope and future is found in God Himself. May we not forget what God said to Israel when they were in bondage to Babylon; “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Just how incredible are the plans of God? Think about it – the nation of Israel was caught up in “past thinking” while in Babylonian bondage. They kept looking back to how God had brought them out of Egyptian captivity and things were not happening the same way now. God saw things differently – Jesus could not be born of Israel in Bethlehem until Israel was first delivered out of Babylon. You see, Israel had a hope and a future that was completely out of this world.

I encourage you not to throw up the white flag of surrender, instead keep standing for what is right – more importantly keep doing right. More than ever (if there is such a time), we need to love, support, pray for, and encourage one another as God’s family. And yes, our love needs to extend to those on the outside of God’s family as well. We cannot say that we love God with our heart, soul and mind while hating other people at the same time.

Our ultimate fate does not rest upon the outcome of an election by human hands, but upon the purposes of God will rest in His hand. Remember: “the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He chooses” (Daniel 4:25).

Do not doubt for a second that extremely difficult days may be ahead for us. It is interesting to note that when God’s people were in captivity/bondage, He did not waste the experience, but He used it to prepare His people for what was to come next. So be open to God’s preparation for the next season.

Do not consume your time and mind with watching media outlets spew their opinions and propaganda. Stay connected to God’s Word and stay tuned to His voice. Never forget that God is about something much bigger than our little section of the world, He is in the process of building a Kingdom that will last for all eternity. There will come a day when there will be no more elections; Christ will be the King and the Lord – there will be no kings and lords. In that kingdom, there will finally be real hope and change.

In the meantime, be people of prayer – not out of fear and frustration (though those times may come), but from confident hope and expectation.



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