Do We Ignore God’s Authority and Blindly Submit to Human Authority?

There are Christians blowing the trumpet declaration that God performed His will in the 2012 election, therefore we must submit to the authorities whom God has placed over us. This is like saying the Christians in Smyrna should have burned their incense and said, “Hail to Caesar.” Our obedience and allegiance to human authority should never trump our obedience and allegiance to divine authority.

To say the outcome of the election was preordained and predetermined by God renders praying and voting an invalid act on the part of a Christian. It is clear throughout the Bible that God allows the people to make choices concerning their national leadership. We find such an example in I Samuel 8. The people asked for a king like that of the other nations to which God was willing to grant them, but not without first telling them the dire consequences of such a move. After God told them what the repercussions of their decision would be, yet the people remained adamant with their request, “We still want a king like all the other nations have.”

 In essence, this is what has happened in America. With this understanding, it is still up to us to walk in the ways of the King of kings and Lord of lords. There will be times when walking in the way of the King is going to contradict the ways of the kings. It is at that point when we will have to determine who our lord at a personal level is. For the follower of God, obedience and allegiance to Him always trumps submitting to the authorities of the earth when they contradict or oppose the mandates of God.


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