The Hypocrisy of Protesting Christmas


The Christmas season is in the air once again. Not only is the Christmas season in the air, so are those who oppose Christmas and all of its trimmings. Their complaint: the freedom of those who openly promote Christmas imposes upon their personal freedoms.

In order to protect their freedom, they impose upon the freedom of others. While atheists and the like use hypocrisy as one of their weapons against Christianity, they themselves are practicing hypocrisy. Christian or atheist – hypocrisy is hypocrisy.

In an Arkansas school case, an atheist group protested against the elementary school who took its students on a field trip to see a church production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. Their argument was the field trip to the church “violates religious freedom”. How can religious freedom be violated when the trip was voluntary? Religious freedom is violated when no one is allowed to attend the production.

Across the country, atheists, secularists and religious groups other than Christian are going to court or at the least, protesting against Christmas displays and activities. In a country that was founded upon the premise of religious freedom, the cornerstone of our great nation is being violated by the very people who have sworn to uphold it. When the practice of those who participate in Christmas events and activities is prohibited by those who disagree or are offended, religious freedom is violated.

In the O’Reilly episode on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly asked atheist David Silverman, “Why are you messing around with Christmas?” Silverman responded that he only wanted to make sure that no preference was given to one religion over another.

Anytime the courts or city leaders prohibit Christmas displays and activities; they prefer one religion over another. While these points may be argued from a legal standpoint, from a moral standpoint those who are prohibited from exercising their rights are deferring to another religion. Herein lays the hypocrisy.


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