I Confess My Issue Is………


I am acutely aware that each one of us has a personal battle to face – including me. This battle is that issue/habit/thing that keeps popping its ugly head up no matter how much we keep knocking it back down. As we all know, it far easier to recognize, accept and deal with the battle of someone […]



Are America’s Assets Changing Hands?


What is a fixed asset? It is something that is tangible like material or property – it may change hands or ownership, but it will remain a fixed asset. The minerals under a section of property are a fixed asset even though the rights to those minerals may change ownership. The dirt on the ground is another […]



Seeking Freedom From Guilt and Condemnation?


Notice that Paul uses the pronoun “they” rather than the pronoun “us” meaning that he is talking about someone other than believers. He is in fact speaking of “professing” believers who are actually non-believers because they have not believed the truth. They want to hear doctrine that is compatible with their lives, not doctrine that requires them […]



For Faith to Thrive – Old Forms Need to be Replaced


Mark 2:22 “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; or else the new wine bursts the wineskins, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But new wine must be put into new wineskins.” Juaism was the old wineskin and the gospel is the new wine. When the spiritual freedom of the gospel expanded outside […]



Great Leader-Poor Father


Have you given much thought to King David – the man of whom God said, “He is after My heart”? David was a great king, but he was a very poor husband and father. Instead of going against the culture of the Ancient Near East which allowed numerous wives, David slid into the culture. David, the greatest king in Israel had […]



The Right, Left and Middle – Who Is Right?


It does not take an great intellect to see that what used to be “typical” America is rapidly becoming “extreme” America. Throughout our history, there have been shifts to the right and to the left. When America over extends to the extreme right, it will slowly shift back to the left and visa versa. Today, America is […]



Have the gods Become Our God?



There is a fascination with gods today, even among those who call themselves Christian. However, these gods are not the gods of the Old Testament or even those of a world religion such as Hinduism. These gods are much more subtle and even less recognizable. They are the gods we create in the place of God in […]



Is the Lesser of Two Evils the Worst Possible Evil in 2012 Election?


A recent cartoon used the analogy of the choice between “cancer and aids” to describe voting for “Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney”. The idea of the cartoon is that it really doesn’t matter which disease we choose, the end result will be fatal. The conclusion is the only way not to become a fatality is to vote […]



Independently Free

by  Eric Odom


Welcome to the new online home of Independently Free, a new website aimed at helping people cut through the clutter that is today’s faith and political environment. We’re just getting started so stick around and watch for updates!