Do We Ignore God’s Authority and Blindly Submit to Human Authority?


There are Christians blowing the trumpet declaration that God performed His will in the 2012 election, therefore we must submit to the authorities whom God has placed over us. This is like saying the Christians in Smyrna should have burned their incense and said, “Hail to Caesar.” Our obedience and allegiance to human authority should never trump […]



Real Hope and Real Change Is On the Way


We had an awesome time of prayer with a few friends last night. While we spoke clearly about our families, our church and our nation – we were not dismayed. Instead we prayed with confidence and hope to the Holy One from Israel. We understand the presidential election is behind us and the vote is final. It […]



Is the Lesser of Two Evils the Worst Possible Evil in 2012 Election?


A recent cartoon used the analogy of the choice between “cancer and aids” to describe voting for “Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney”. The idea of the cartoon is that it really doesn’t matter which disease we choose, the end result will be fatal. The conclusion is the only way not to become a fatality is to vote […]